How much notice do you need prior to a delivery?

We ask for at least one day between ordering and delivery. During busy times we may need more time, and sometimes we can deliver the same day.

How do i pay ?

We prefer that you establish an account and pay each month.  We also accept credit cards at the time of the order, but please understand that your final cost may vary slightly due to final truck weights.

You may pay with a check on delivery, but we must have a credit card on file and authorized for the full amount of the delivery.

How long does it take to get approved for an account and open credit ?

One day.

Is there a guarantee that your delivery will be on time?

We work hard to schedule deliveries so that they arrive on time.  We use our years of experience to schedule as accurately as possible.

However, we do not control job sites, and delays at other customers jobs may cause us a delay.  These delays accumulate over the day and are most significant later in the afternoon.

We also experience plant failures on occasion that can cause a delay.

If delivery timing and continuity are critical to your project, we can accommodate those needs with prior coordination.

We do have 100% emergency power backup at our ready mix plant.

Can I return concrete?

We prefer to leave all of the concrete you order with you.  Ideally, you should have a small amount left over when you are done, that’s a lot better than a little short !

You must have proper disposal areas on your job for left over concrete.

We will not credit you for any concrete that comes back on the truck.

May I return Blocks?  Mortar? 

We do accept returns on unblemished materials with a restocking fee.  Mortar and cement in bags is not accepted for return.