Commercial Aggregate

RBS Inc., Greystone Quarry is a West Virginia Division of Highways Approved Aggregate Source. The Source Code is S011B, and the Effective dates and Report Numbers for Fine and Coarse Aggregate may be found at the WV DOH web site: here

The physical properties of our AASHTO #57 and C33 Spec. Sand are best documented due to their use in concrete, and are typical of other sizes:
#57 C33 Spec. Sand
Specific Gravity: 2.674 2.634
Adsorption: 1.4% 2.22%
Unit Weight: 95.2pcf
Fineness Modulus: 2.78

Our native delivery capability is in the 20,000 ton*mile/day range, and we can deliver more with enough notice to coordinate with our trucking partners.

In addition to most AASHTO sizes, we can produce sizes to meet your specific requirements, like causeway rip-rap in the 12” to 32” sizes, gabion stone in the 4” to 12” and virtually anything else. Our stone is notably free of mud, clay and deleterious materials.

Greystone Quarry aggregate exhibits no alkali – silica reactivity.


If you have a project underway, and do not have a quote from RBS Inc. specifically for that project, you could be paying way too much. You should have a quote based on quantity and types of material needed, and exact delivery distance to your project.

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